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iwritecopy4u Terms & Conditions
(Version 1: created March 2011) Printable version here
Please take the time to read these Terms & Conditions. We’ve written them in ‘plain English’ to make them as clear as possible, but if you’ve got any queries, please just ask! And by the way, if your own Terms & Conditions need a ‘plain English’ makeover, you know where we are!
Our Contract With You
By contracting with iwritecopy4u, you confirm that you’ve been given the opportunity to read our Terms & Conditions, and that you agree to be bound by them. The contract is made between us when you formally commission our services in writing, accepting our quotation and providing us with a full creative brief for the job.
What's Included?
Our ultimate goal is to provide final copy that you’re 100% happy with. Within the agreed timescales, we’ll give you a 1st draft to have a look at. Then we'll incorporate your feedback/comments into a 2nd draft and send it to you for signoff. But if a 3rd draft is needed with a few final tweaks, that’s no problem. We’ll always try to be as flexible as possible – for example, if the 1st draft needs a complete rewrite from scratch, that’s fine. However, we do have to reserve the right to make reasonable extra charges for excessive redrafts/rewrites, especially if these are due to significant changes to the creative brief along the way – but we’ll always confirm any extra charges to you before we do any more work.
Payment Terms
At iwritecopy4u, we don’t charge any VAT. We’ll invoice each job once we’ve sent you the final version of the copy. Please make payment within 10 days of the invoice date, either by cheque or bank transfer. See our invoice for full details. For some types of job (and for all jobs over £500), we reserve the right to charge a deposit of 50% of the total cost, payable upfront.
If you commission us to start work and subsequently want to cancel the job before we’ve finished it, we’ll still have to make a reasonable charge based on the amount of work we’ve already completed for you. However, please bear in mind that a significant chunk of the cost is incurred in the production of the 1st draft. We’ll always be as flexible and realistic as possible, but we do have to reserve the right to charge up to 100% of the total cost of the job if you decide to cancel.
The copyright ownership of all material produced by iwritecopy4u remains with us until we’ve received your full payment for the job. Once you’ve paid in full, the copyright passes to you, but we do reserve the right to publish samples of the work on or in any other promotional material once you’ve used it yourself and it’s in the public domain. We’re happy to include a link to your own website alongside the work sample if you like!
We'll make every effort to protect any confidential company material and information that you provide to us, and we won't disclose it to any 3rd parties or make use of it in any other way. For further peace of mind, if you’d like us to sign a more formal confidentiality agreement, just let us know.
At iwritecopy4u, we always take great care and pride in our work, but we can't be held liable for any loss or damage suffered by you or any 3rd party as a result of the use or reproduction of the copy we've supplied to you. Also, you agree to indemnify iwritecopy4u in respect of any claims, damages or costs arising in any manner from its use or reproduction. Basically, by using the copy we've created, you agree to take full responsibility for any issues which may arise.
Applicable Law
This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales.
These Terms & Conditions can't be varied, except by prior agreement in writing from
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