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Point of Sale Materials

"Don't explain how it works; explain how you use it." (Steven Brust) 


However you use them, your point of sale materials are your shop window. They need to engage your potential customers by giving them the clearest possible picture of your products and services.


By identifying the key benefits of what you offer, and presenting them in a way which really resonates with your customers, you’ll be sure to get results.


Basically, it’s all about selling the good night’s sleep, not the mattress!


Here's an example of a recent flyer leaflet we wrote and designed for our client, Freshwater Bathrooms & Tiles. And here's something a bit different - a 'newspaper' promoting Posh Pie & Mash Nights at a top Leicester restaurant.


Check out other examples of our point of sales materials work on pages 2-4 and 9/10 of our portfolio.
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