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"Just like an onion, your brand has layers and a core. At the core is the customer who will stick with you until the very end." (Edwin Artzt) 


Your company’s brand is probably your single most important and enduring asset! Competitors can easily and quickly copy your products and services, undercut you on price, and just leave you wondering where all your customers have gone.


But the strength of your brand is what can truly set you apart, and give you lifelong loyal customers.

Case Study:

First Approach Executive Search


First Approach Executive Search (an industry-leading executive recruitment organisation) needed a name for their brand new head office in Peterborough. They wanted a name which would embody their brand and what they stand for. We created the name "Futura House" - after all, as a recruitment company, they certainly help people shape their future! But the name also signifies that First Approach are moving towards their own bigger, brighter future in their new premises. And why "Futura" and not just "Future"? Well, it has more of an international flavour, befitting their recruitment work for major organisations worldwide, and also it's easier to say! Try saying it out loud: "Future House" or "Futura House" - see what we mean? Check out our client testimonial from Claire Cutts, Chairman & Chief Executive of First Approach Executive Search.

And if you’re thinking that branding is only something for big multinationals to worry about, with big marketing budgets and highly paid consultants, think again!


Every company however big or small is a brand – quite simply it’s about what you do, how you do it, how you communicate, and most importantly, what your customers think you stand for.

Don’t worry, building your brand doesn’t have to be a big complicated project – let us help you get started with some of the small things you can do easily to get your brand working harder for you!

Check out other examples of our branding/tone-of-voice work in our portfolio.

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